Legal aid for expats.
We are a Polish law firm with over 9 years of professional business experience in immigration law, employment law and business strategy service.
We offer a wide range of services to companies and individuals. Our portfolio includes clients from Asia, Africa, South and North America and, of course, Europe.

Our main objective is to help our clients and their families make their stay in Poland easier, more comfortable, stress-free and above all - legal.  

If you are planning to open a new business in Poland, we can assist you with registering your company on the correct legal basis, provide business immigration service and creating business strategy. 
We offer a wide range of services for foreigners, including: polish residence permit, polish visa, relocation to Poland, immigration service in Poland, Polish work permit. Our law firm provide legal assistance for foreigners who planning to open company in Poland or transfer a business to Poland. As part of our immigration law services, we help foreign workers obtain work permits and temporary residence card (Residence Card, Blue Card). We also assist with family reunification. 
Are you living in Poland and looking for a legal job? But are you afraid of the time-consuming and complicated process of legalising your stay and work in Poland? Then you have come to the right place! 
Our assistance mainly consists of preparing the documents required to obtain a residence card (temporary residence, permanent residence, EU residence card), as well as representation in administrative proceedings. 
If you already have a residence card or are staying in Poland on the basis of a visa, passport, or visa-free travel you must legalise your work in Poland, tis is in your interest to avoid problems with the border police. 
Would you like to bring your family to Poland (family reunification)? We take care of all the formalities so that your family can join you as soon as possible. We can also help you obtain Polish citizenship.

Our services:

  • Full assistance in obtaining Polish Residence Card (1800zł),  
  • Full assistance in obtaining a "Blue Card" for high-skilled worker (2000zł),
  • Setting up a business in Poland (price on an individual basis),
  • Setting up a company in Poland (price on an individual basis),
  • Relocation to Poland (price on an individual basis),
  • Legal advice in the office (350zł),
  • Online legal advice (200zł),
  • Appeal against a negative decision refusing a residence permit (500zł),
  • Family reunification in Poland (2000zł),
  • Writing official letters to government agencies and courts  (500zł)
  • Complaint for excessive length of proceedings (400zł),
  • Compensation for excessive length of proceedings (800zł),
  • Polish work permit (600zł), 
  • Set up a limited company (4000zl),
  • Assistance in recovering wages from the employer (price on an individual basis),
  • Assistance with other legal matters (price on an individual basis),
  • Immigration service to Poland (price on an individual basis).

How do we work?

First contact

During the initial meeting with the client, we will outline the scope of our services and what solutions are possible in your case.

Carefully studying your case details

Our specialist will show you the options available in your case and the most effective solution. We will outline the timeframe for completing the case and the cost of our services.

Commencement of cooperation

Once a contract has been signed, we will start working on your case. Our specialists will keep you informed of the progress of your case. You will have a dedicated contact person until the end of your case.

If you are still wondering why you should use our services, please check out our company's achievements in the field of immigration law.


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